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This is our favorite photo from our 2013 trip to Alaska.

G & C Photo Productions


Here you will find some of the 100,000+ pictures which we have taken over the last several years in our travels to Europe, The Netherlands, Paris, India, Belgum, Alaska and across the USA! Our largest collection of photos are of Alaska from the inside passage to remote areas such as Katmai! Occasionally you may see our photos on other web sites, local and national television networks, Church events, books, magazines, CD covers, various advertisements and publications as well as other places. We have won various awards for photography including Best of Show and several first place awards several years in a row. We are often the "official photographers" at various events and we specialize in wildlife photography. Most of our work is charity or just for fun! While we may shoot an occasional special event, our love for photography takes us places across the globe. We hope that you enjoy looking at our photo's as much as we enjoy taking them. If you do not see the photos that you are looking for please contact us as not all of our photos are posted here. Many pictures are downloadable, to download a photo select the small thumbnail picture on the left and a large photo of it will appear on the right. A small download button will appear below the large photo, just hover over icon buttons until you find it. Some galleries you may only see an arrow pointing down which will allow you to download the photo.

Most photos are free to download but if you would like to give a few dollars toward costs you may do so through Paypal:  


Check our booth in Millington, TN at Abandoned Antiques

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