September 2007

September 2007, Leah Bagwell, Kim Carlisle, Bro. Steven Barnes, Bro. Kevin Benard and myself (Bro. Gary Cox) visited India and the Christian Churches in India started by Bro. Matthew Henry.

The trip began, flying from Memphis, TN to Amsterdam and then onto Hyderabad, India. We visited areas located in the state of Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad, Viajawada, Kakinada and many areas inbetween.

The experience was much different than expected. Traffic in India is something that you would have to see to believe! Aside from the traffic the Indian people I found were very nice and courteous. The people in the Churches went out of their way to make us feel at home and took care of getting us around. The dedication to Christ in the Churches we visited were impressive! I would personally like to thank Moses and Benjamin (The General) for their assistance in getting me back home as well as Matthew Henry for all he did for all of us visiting!

Below you will find links to picture highlights of our trip. Photos were taken by Gary Cox and Kim Carlisle using a Canon A630 camera. Some pictures in the misc category were taking with other camera's and by Leah and Bro. Barnes...

The primary purpose in the trip was video and photography secondary thus I was unable to bring along my professional digital SLR camera due to the amount of video equipment I needed and the lack of space due to airline restrictions. However, I think you will find the pictures quite good even though it was a small non slr camera!

Starting with the Scenes of India are pictures taken as we traveled different areas of India. The People of India and the Mission Team contain pictures of people we met and those on the Mission Team. The Christian Churches of India contain pictures from various Christian Churches that we visited. We experienced a variety of food in India! While we did find a Pizza Hut and a Subway many of our meals were provided by the people of the Churches and families that we met and for that we thank them, the Food of India is a look into our meals on the trip! Finally the Systems of India is a look into a few interesting aspects of their electrical systems and oddly enough restrooms! Added on 9/25/07 are a few misc pictures taken the last few days of the trip.

Note that the picture pages are multiple pages, click on the page numbers at the top of the page to change pages and view more pictures!

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Systems of India
Misc pictures - click here

Several people have asked for a slideshow thus below is a slideshow of over 300 pictures taken during the 2 week trip. Just click on the first picture to start the slideshow and click on START SLIDESHOW or use the arrows to advance on your own.

2007 Mission Trip - Slideshow